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"When the first Europeans arrived in Holmdel, they discovered what can only be described as a new Eden: rolling hills, expansive, green fields and thick, blossoming forests ripe with game. Like the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, Baptist and Quaker settlers ventured to Holmdel in the late seventeenth century in search of a new home, free from the religious prejudice and persecution which had chased them out of Europe. Leaders among them like Minister John Bray and Reverend Obadiah Holmes were among the original signers of the 1664 Monmouth Patent, making Holmdel one of the oldest towns in New Jersey. The land allotted to Holmdel’s founders was quickly divided into farms, pastures and vineyards, almost all of which found lasting success thanks to the land’s natural richness. Having been harassed and looted by British forces retreating from the Battle of Monmouth in 1778, Holmdel’s farmers waged sporadic guerilla campaigns against the British for the duration of the American Revolution. Lying in wait, at home in the brush, their hit-and-run tactics earned Holmdel the nickname “the Hornet’s Nest.” This same courageousness and love of liberty would later motivate Holmdel residents to join the Underground Railroad, sheltering escaped slaves as they moved north to free states and into Canada. By the dawn of the twentieth century, Holmdel remained a rural, agrarian community. It was only in the 1960s that farmers began selling their land to developers who soon built some of the most affluent suburbs in the state.

Holmdel today has been transformed into a twenty first century town, boasting modern mansions and historic estates. Unwind in the natural tranquility of Holmdel and Thompson Parks or see a show and rock out at the PNC Bank Arts Center. Take the kids to the Historic Longstreet Farm or leave the kids at home and head to Fox Hollow Vineyards for wine tastings on the terrace. Holmdel is conveniently located mere minutes from Red Bank and Middletown and only an hour drive from New York City. With its natural splendor and modern amenities, Holmdel has proven itself fit for Hollywood royalty like Lauren Bacall and New Jersey’s own Bruce Springsteen. It’s for this very reason than CNN and Money magazine ranked Holmdel as America’s number one “Six-Figure Town” in 2009. Historic, centrally located, full of things to do and with an award winning school system, you can live the American dream in Holmdel.

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